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What's next

So I'm back from my vacation, which was great. Jen came from Cali and we had a ball. Drank much beer.Went up north for a few days, hung out on the boat, played on the seadoos, met some cute boys. Me and the girls caused quite a scene at a bar one night. It's so much fun to tease boys. We tend to get saucey and do the whole hot chicks rubbin' each other on the dance floor thing, the boys come runnin' and make a circle around us and you know they're thinking, "Are they lesbians? God I hope they're lesbians?" They are all the same. What is with the whole lesbian fantasy they got going on? Anyways, on our travels we witnessed a guy on a motorcycle do a full on vertical wheelie on the 401 one day. he stayed up for like a minute. Crazy. Now she's gone and I'm bored again.
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